1- Is packing method of the product enough / proper? Is it open easily?
2- Is labelling/description of the product proper?
3- Is there any problem regarding SEM LASTIK A.S. dispatch? (Cargo, truck, semi-trailer truck etc.)
4- Are deliveries of SEM LASTIK A.S. proper according to deadlines?
5- Are deliveries of SEM LASTIK A.S. performed according to purchase order quantities?
6- Are payment terms of conditions of Sem Lastik A.S. acceptable?
7- Are selling prices of SEM LASTIK A.S. good?
8- Do you observe any problems in returning the defective products?
9- Does SEM LASTIK A.S. meets your urgent product requirements?
10-Do you meet any correspondence/communication problems with SEM LASTIK A.S.?
11-Is there any negative social relations with SEM LASTIK A.S.?
12-Do you face any problems during assembly of products?
13- Is product proper for use (Does product meet its functionality ?)
14-Is the performance of the product OK ?
15-Are any protective actions taken on the products for shelf life ?