Rubber Mixture Preparation And Preforming

All rubber mixtures that are used in our enterprise are prepared within our company. In mixture preparation, closed and open system mixers are used, and continuous controls are made at specific critical areas in order to prevent defects which may occur during rubber mixing. All of the prepared rubber mixtures are controlled in our laboratory under criteria suggested beforehand. Mixtures approved in the Rubber Laboratory are made ready for vulcanization after being shaped in the confection department.

Metal Forming And Machining

Metal-sheets, pipes, forged cast-iron parts that are used in our products, are prepared for production in metal-forming presses and CNC processing benches, by being formed proper to element part.

Surface Preparation

His essential to prevent rust and corrosion on formed metal and to ensure perfect metal-rubber adhesion; operations are performed on Sanding, Ultrasonic Degreasing and Phosphate-coating Lines. Full automatic and manual adhesive application lines are used so as to bind the metal and the rubber mixture.


Vulcanization of the previously prepared rubber mixture and metal parts is made in injection, transfer and compression presses, whose pressure, temperature and time parameters are kept under continuous control.